Please find below some European funded research and innovation projects with involvement of the PSE Consulting team - the former projects were performed under the umbrella of PSE AG and predecesor companies.


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ReWaCEM - Resource recovery from industrial waste water by cutting edge membrane technologies; H2020, 2016-2019; Project ID: 723729NGCPV - A new generation of concentrator photovoltaic cells, modules and systems; FP7, 2011-2014; Project ID: 28379820plµs - 20 percent efficiency on less than 100 µm thick industrially feasible c-Si solar cells; FP7, 2010-2013; Project ID: 256695ThermCo - EPBD-related CEN-standards for buildings with high energy efficiency and good indoor environment; FP6, 2007-2009 IEE; Project ID: EIE/07/026/SI2.466692PolySMART - POLYgeneration with advanced Small and Medium scale thermally driven Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Technology; FP6, 2006-2010; Project ID: 19988FULLSPECTRUM - A new PV wave making more efficient use of the solar spectrum!; FP6, 2003-2008; Project ID: 502620PERFORMANCE - A science base on PV performance for increased market transparency and customer confidence; FP6, 2006-2009; Project ID: 19718Cost-Effective - Convert facades into multifunctional, energy gaining components; FP7, 2008-2012; Project ID: 212206Projects for which PSE did administrative support