Our mission

Projects in Sustainable Energy

We are passionate about the issue of climate change and are convinced that:

  • Action must to be taken immediately - the alarm signal of the melting glaciers must be taken into account!
  • Sustainable development means not consuming more resources than can be replenished in the same period of time. We have to get there.
  • Countries worldwide must ramp up decarbonisation measures to fight global warming in accordance with the Paris climate accord.


The graph on the right side shows that dependency on fossil fuels and nuclear power on global level is very high.
About 14% of the global primary energy was based on renewable energy sources in year 2021.
(Data Source: bp Statistical Review of World Energy June 2022)


Our mission is to use energy efficiently and to increase the use of renewable energy and its storage.
PSE supports the energy transition for the benefit of future generations.


"But where there is danger, the saving also grows." | „Wo aber Gefahr ist, wächst das Rettende auch.“
Friedrich Hölderlin



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